My name is Reed Jones and I’m an Austin, TX based Artist, Gardener and Web developer.

I’ve been fortunate to visit many regions of the world, and these travels have influenced me greatly. I am inspired by the wisdom of folk simplicity, and motivated by the developments of the information age.

As an artist, I consider myself a reporter. The articles I produce are drawn from insights and glimpses that arrive as though sentient: of their own volition.

As a gardener, I am committed to reducing waste and increasing biodiversity. I believe that by restoring healthy ecosystems and manifesting beauty through skillful garden management, we create healthy people and a better society.

In order to remain a channel for these activities, I like to relax by reading, drawing, running, playing guitar and studying foreign languages.

If you’re interested in purchasing my artwork, collaborating in some way, or just saying hello, use the form below to get in touch. Have a great day!

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