San Francisco, 2015

Born in Tennessee and moved to Houston at 4, I've called Austin home since 2006.

From earliest childhood, I have been fascinated by indigenous and foreign cultures and the arts. Stories of my father's travels as a young man laid the foundation for numerous journeys, including: India, Europe and the Western U.S as well as multiple trips to Nepal, Japan and Mexico.

Having been fortunate enough to travel the world, I am able to see outside the cultural conditioning of only one place and this has liberated a vast creative spirit and ecological awareness in me.

I am passionate about seeing the human race live in health and connection to others and the planet. Ethical conduct, attentive communication and integrity are my driving principles.

Through art, I hope to affect some of the change I hope to see. The rest I will make up through service and teaching others what I know about about natural systems.

In my free time you'll find me having dinner or coffee with friends, drawing, playing guitar, jogging, cooking and studying the esoteric.